Introducing Upstreet Share Gifting

December 12, 2021

Are you at a loss for a meaningful gift this holiday season? Concerned about it not being delivered on time? Or worse yet, your loved one won’t like it and throw it away? Fortunately, Upstreet’s new product ‘Share Gifting’ is here!  We are set to revolutionise the gifting game. 

Upstreet’s Share Gifting allows anyone around the world to give shares to a person in Australia. You can spend as little as $10 or as much as $1,000, on iconic Australian brands, such as Coles, Baby Bunting, or Maggie Beer. You can also gift shares in an EFT, such as FANG+. In just a few minutes, you can easily purchase and schedule the time your gifted shares will be delivered via email.

An offering like Share Gifting is part of a set of Upstreet products aiming to fulfil a dual mission; democratising share ownership and helping companies grow.

Upstreet’s COO, Sabine Tejerina, commented on the mission to democratise share ownership,

“I’m passionate about helping people get started on their journey to share ownership. Upstreet’s products aim to help individuals own shares and therefore demystify the process.”

Upstreet’s CEO, Christian Eckelmann, explained how Share Gifting plays an important part in democratising share ownership,

“We’ve learned that a lack of knowledge is often a blocker preventing Australians from beginning to trade on the stock market. By offering shares to friends and family as a gift, we make it more accessible and demystify an area of finance that is sometimes intimidating.”

The share gifting offering can be summarised in three aspects:

  • Smart - Give a gift that may keep on giving (if the share value appreciates). You can gift from $10 to $1,000 in shares.
  • Personal - Send a personalised message accompanying your e-gift card.
  • Effortless - Our beginner-friendly platform allows share redemption, portfolio maintenance and share gifting with absolute ease. 

This holiday season, check out Upstreet’s Share Gifting website and get the gift that may indeed, keep on giving! 

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